Pivot Radio is excited to introduce our partnership with The Radio City Mall Platform.


Boost Your Income for the Holidays with Radio City Mall. For a small investment, generate real revenue quickly.

Radio Mall was built to bring in the big digital bucks for radio stations and radio jocks too. Awesome features such as:

  • Client Video Shopping Channels
  • Podcasting
  • Banners
  • Live Auctions
  • Member Perks
  • Discount Deals
  • & more!

All-In-One Marketing Solution

Target any client, with any budget.

The Radio City Mall Platform gives your Advertisers & Listeners a chance to connect! Your group can white label your Radio Mall with a custom domain, custom name, your station logos and colors.


Features Include:

  1. Branded Client Shopping Channels (option to be hosted by Radio Jocks with build-in host recorder.) featuring client video channels, podcasting, video endorsements, specials, auctions, discount deals, media wall, client sales tools, analytics, and more!
  2. Built in packages to create a steady stream of additional month to month revenue not only the Radio Station, but the Radio Jocks as well!
  3. Built-in training & tutorials to help you get started.

Watch Video Tutorial


“Clients & Listeners love our Radio Mall. We simply added a Radio Mall button to our website and promote it on air with our radio jocks and radio ads. Just as exciting is that we made over $1000 in the 1st month! The long term plan is turning an additional $250k a year or more in 2019! This platform benefits our radio clients so much that it’s an easy sell. Frankly, it totally rocks! It's the perfect way to put some fresh digital dollars on the books in a way that has never been done before!”

Tommy Street
Sales, IT Director

If you’re interested in a demo or learning more, e-mail Jackie Parks at jackie@pivotradio.com

Visit Radio City Mall


Cheers to a profitable week broadcasters!



Jackie Parks
Owner at Pivot Radio, LLC
Partner at Envisionwise / LinkedUpRadio
Office: 217-239-1063

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