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LinkedUpRadio Testimonials

"Since we have made the switch to Linked Up Radio working with Matt & Jackie our website has blossomed! We have more interaction on the site than ever and last year we won an OAB for best website. We are hopeful to win another this year! Thanks LinkedUp!!!" - Sabrina Sloan (Combined Communications)

"SUPERIOR SERVICE and cutting edge tools that are easy to use are just two of the reasons that I could not be happier with my Webwise experiences.  We've been working with Webwise [LinkedUpRadio] for more than five years.  Jackie and Matt have helped guide and grow our website every step of the way.  If you like easy and efficient plus reliable professionals that will ALWAYS answer your questions and concerns, then look no further.  I'll sing the praises of Webwise all day long... they are that good."  - Doni Flynn (Empire Broadcasting)

"Where do I begin with the staff at Envisionwise / Linked up Radio? I started working with them back in 2008 and it has been probably the best decision my company has ever made. After looking at a couple different web companies, I picked Envisionwise from their previous work and professionalism. Little did I know, how knowledgeable and dedicated their staff was. From top to bottom, Envisionwise / Linked up Radio's entire staff is extremely talented in what they do. They're understanding, patient, entertaining and they are always willing to go the extra mile. If I had an idea for something, an idea with a budget of $-1, Jackie and her staff would IMMEDIATELY have an answer for me. If I needed a quick fix on the site due to a change in a client's heart - one quick email to the staff and it was done. Period. Not only that, but Envisionwise / Linked Up Radio is ever-changing and adapting to new technology with my radio station in mind. I cannot say enough how talented, dedicated, professional and knowledgeable the entire staff is at Envisionwise / Linked up Radio. I could never Envision a more wise company. They also appreciate puns." - Nate Mumford (Berkshire Broadcasting)

"Times demand a compelling web and social media presence - but the time to manage both is in short supply. That makes the kind of comprehensive and totally integrated Content Management System that Envisionwise has developed a great thing to have. It's easy to use, reliable and comes with features stations can use to promote their brand and attributes very effectively. Add to that a support staff that is responsive and committed to keeping the service the very best it can be and you have a resource that starts strong and keeps getting better." - Tom Starr (Program Director, Arjuna Broadcasting Corp.)



"Envisionwise is one of the best things to happen to the internet.  The people are always helpful and provide great ideas for us to get traffic and dollars to our website." - Bill Saluk (Vice Predident & General Manager, Meredith Communications)




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